Oval shelves

The Ovals are a family of trays in different sizes that are mounted onto the wall to serve as accentuated and prominent exhibition spots for your most beloved items.

A filigree and elegant aluminum frame shaped like an oval functions as key element being at first responsible for the graphical and smooth appearance of the object. Furthermore it serves as fixation to the wall, the supporting area for the glass bottom and the strength-giving element that suspends the load. Placed on the wall it surrounds, encloses and visually keeps the exhibits in place preventing them from falling down. In order to add and subtle graphical patterns on a second level while appearing unobtrusive at the same time, different types of structured and satinized glasses are used to function as the glass bottoms keeping the exposed objects visible from the bottom side.

Placed as single shelf in the entrance area or mounted as composition of multiple trays the Ovals fit to any kind of environments in many different ways.


Producer: Bolia A/S

Typology: Walltray

Materials: Aluminum, structured glass

Year: 2018

Photo: Bolia A/S