This family of sofa tables is turning the expected usage of materials we are familiar with upside down. Bent wooden rods, usually seen more often as arm or back rests having a soft appearance in combination with seating furniture, are used in this case to form the base and with this the supporting structure that has to provide strength and rigidity. Shaped like an L respectively U, the wooden rods are also responsible for the table’s name: LU.


A thin circular aluminum sheet functions as the table top that appears almost like a sheet of paper resting on the three vertical rods. The combination of both the table top and the base results in a filigree, elegant yet timeless piece of furniture. Available in different sizes the tables can be arranged and composed in various ways whereby the visually overlapping rods always create new interesting and exciting formations. LU suits many diverse environments no matter if domestic or public ones.


Typology: Sofa tables
Materials: Solid ash, aluminum
Year: 2015
Photo: bao-nghi droste studio