Adenike is a concept for a new type of furniture. It combines the qualities of a table and an upholstered piece of furniture. A table consists of a flat horizontal surface, supported by one ore more legs and thus, kept in an appropriate height. This definition also applies to other pieces of furniture, for example a bench or a bed. Hence it¥s only a matter of height and proportion, how a flat and horizontal surface can be used and how a piece of furniture is defined typologically.
Adenike offers a flat surface in a height of 110 cm. To assure an appropriate comfort for all parts of the human body, the surface is upholstered top down and covered with leather. It can be used in many different ways and does not force the user to interact with the object in a special kind fo way. The upholstered, flat horizontal surface functions as a table and meeting place in any kinds of environments, no matter if domestically related or public.


Typology: Soft High Table
Materials: Cherry, leather, foam, steel
Year: 2007
Photo: John Russo